Time Log

Purchase Time Log Terminal Licenses

The Time Log licensing structure is based upon usage for individual terminal locations.  All of the dispatchers at a terminal can use the same terminal registration as long as they are physically located at the same facility that was registered.  In other words, if you have three dispatchers at your Atlanta facility, you need only buy a single terminal license for that facility.  However, if you have a dispatch facility in Atlanta, Chicago, and Houston, you will need to purchase three terminal licenses.

For a limited time, Markosoft is offering the new Time Log program at a special discounted introductory rate.  Additionally, bulk rate discounts are available at a significant savings over the single copy price.  See the rate chart below for pricing and then click on the buy now button that corresponds to your selection.

The Markosoft Time Log may be purchased with a credit card via a verified Pay Pal account, or by sending a check or money order along with the product description and your contact information (preferably including an email address) to:

415 Bent Tree Court
Russellville, AR 72802


Number of Licenses

Unit Price

List Price

Introductory  Price

  1 Terminal




  5 Terminal Pack




 10 Terminal Pack




 15 Terminal Pack


$2,685 $2,385
 20 Terminal Pack


$3,180 $2,780

 > 20 Terminals

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Markosoft also offers a driver upload service.  If you complete the Excel template (provided with the install) by populating the fields with your driver information, we will validate your data and return to you a pre-loaded database file for only $199.00.  Or, you can send us your driver information in ASCII text format (TXT), Adobe format (PDF), Microsoft Word (DOC) format, or most other widely recognized formats and we will do all of the data entry and validation for just $399.00.  If you are interested in either of these services please email marketing@markosoft.net for more details.