Many companies are having some problems adjusting to the new DOT hours of service rules and too many violations can cost a company their drivers, dispatchers, thousands of dollars in fines, higher insurance premiums, lost time, customers, and ultimately can even result in closure.

Historically, driver logs have always been checked after violations have already occurred.  And, no matter what method of post duty log checking is performed (manual or scanned), it is still often days until driver logs can be audited internally.  Of course, by then itís too late to do anything about the violations and your company becomes vulnerable to fines.  Too many driver violations can also have an adverse effect on your SaferSys scores and even trigger a DOT, State, or insurance audit of your records.

The Markosoft Time Log is a new program that was developed exclusively to examine driver hours and assist dispatchers with operations.  This unique program is the first of its kind to monitor drivers in virtually real time and is a great tool for helping to stop DOT violations before they occur.  The Time Log is also fully customizable and can be tailored to your operation.

Markosoft's Time Log is very easy to learn and doesnít take valuable time away from dispatchers.  Drivers call in when they begin duty and dispatchers simply clock them in and let the Time Log do the rest.  There are visual indicators that show when a driver is running out of time well before any violations take place.  Notification points for one, two, three, or more hours prior to a violation can be set up.  Dispatchers can plan ahead to re-power loads or get a driver off the clock for a required rest stop.  This is a proactive approach to conforming to the new DOT requirements and all concerned parties look upon it favorably (which can also help to prevent log violations).  There are many other valuable driver database options and information built in to the Time Log that make it a must have for your operation.

Other features include the ability to track the 60/7 day and 70/8 day log summaries which also warn of imminent DOT violations.  There are even reports and graphs available that can help identify problem drivers and dispatchers.  And, the Time Log works hand in hand with just about any other log auditing methods and can even replace some out dated and expensive "after the factĒ log checking systems.

This simple program provides a lot of other valuable information to the dispatchers too.  For example, do you know which of your drivers are haz-mat endorsed?  Cell phone numbers, radio numbers, unit numbers, terminal locations, and the log status' of drivers as well as many other data fields can be effortlessly retrieved and customized to suit just about any need.  Data modifications are straightforward and all workstations can be updated in just seconds.  This is a live database application like nothing else in the industry.  The Time Log is much more than a simple driver database, it's a one of a kind, multi-user compatible, active driver database.

The DOT will soon be citing drivers for violating the new hours of service rules and to keep SaferSys scores from skyrocketing, companies need to get started building a protection shield now.  Donít let driver and dispatcher mistakes control the future of your company and profits. Take control today with Markosoft's Time Log-- undisputedly the definitive way to proactively monitor your driver's hours of service.  I

If you would like to learn more about the Interest Calculator application, go to the help pages for additional details.  If you would like to try the program out, go to the download page to get a free 30-day evaluation copy.  For information on how to purchase this product, please visit the products page.

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