Achieving a degree of any kind can be an arduous task, and preparing for the numerous tests that occur along the way is one of the unpleasantries of higher education.  Markosoft's Test Prep application was designed by one of our in-house consultants to make studying for a test a walk in the park.  The program's layout resembles a "matching" test where each answer matches exactly one question in the list.

The straightforward interface of the Test Prep program is one of the things that makes it so powerful.  Simply, save some test questions and their associated answers into a file, load the file, and then begin testing yourself.  You can repeatedly quiz yourself on the questions until all of the answers are engrained into your memory.

The program also contains several special features. The randomize function allows you to reorder the questions arbitrarily so that the order of the questions becomes meaningless.  The reverse function presents you with answers and allows you to select the associated questions. Right-clicking on a drop down list brings up a screen containing all of the remaining answers, which is equivalent to viewing the answers that have not been "scratched off" .  If you want to know an answer while you are testing, you can press the F1 key to bring up the answer to the currently highlighted question.  And, once all of the questions have been answered, the grade function can be used to view your score and display the correct answers to all of the questions that were answered incorrectly.

If you would like to learn more about the Test Prep application, go to the help pages for additional details.  If you would like to try the program out, go to the download page to get a free 30-day evaluation copy.  For information on how to purchase this product, please visit the products page.

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